February 9, 2014
Eunice Feller makes a winning cookie creation
. . . Last week’s Cookie Creations party at the Royal
Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge raised about $13,000 for
the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. The night
featured chefs showing off dishes they made using
Girl Scout cookies as a main ingredient. Competitors
included Danny Angelopolus of Henrietta’s Table and
Monica Glass of Clio. The night’s winner for best
overall creation was Eunice Feller of Bread &
Chocolate in Newton, who made cranberry citrus
chutney with a choice of lemon coconut mousse or
goat cheese and arugula.

Fall, 2013
Zagat Guide
. . . Anyone seeking a "low-key" breakfast or "lunch
bite" should "find something that appeals" at these
"adorable" Newtonville and Newton Highlands
bakery/cafes specializing in "wonderful pastries",
"lovely sandwiches" and "worth-the-calories"
cupcakes; the "cheerful" vibes come for "cheap" too.

March 30, 2012
45 Best Breakfast Joints - The Boston Globe Magazine
. . . Dark wooden farm tables convey a homey feel, and
so does the new weekend brunch menu that’s
available at the Newton Highlands location. Highlights
include the buttery croque-madame and the French
(bread) French toast, surprisingly tender despite its
baguette origins. The omelets are packed full, and the
thick bacon will melt in your mouth.

Spring, 2012
Boston on 5,000 Calories a Day - Boston Common
. . . two Newton locations, makes Boston cream pie
cupcakes (along with excellent scones and caramel-
drenched pecan sticky buns)...

March 31, 2011
Newton Cream Pie - Newton TAB
. . . It’s been a busy year for Newton’s Bread &
Chocolate. Bakery owners Eunice and Steve Feller not
only opened a second store in Newton Highlands
days after welcoming their son Dominic to the world,
but they went head-to-head in a bake-off style
competition with celebrity chef Bobby Flay for the Food
Network show “Throwdown.” While Eunice called the
opportunity “sheer dumb luck,” the food show chose
Bread & Chocolate’s Boston Cream Pie, to feature on
the nationally televised show, over more than a dozen
other bakeries in the area. “It was craziness to have
the opportunity. (
more)  - Steve Annear

February 16, 2011
G FORCE - The Boston Globe
. . . Keeping her eye on the pie. Eunice Feller, 43, a
2006 graduate of Cambridge School of Culinary Arts,
will appear on “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay’’ on
March 9, at 8:30 p.m. on the Food Network. The
dueling dish: Boston cream pie. Feller has tweaked
the state’s official dessert by infusing the custard with
thyme and orange, then bathing the cake in a dark
chocolate ganache. She and her husband, Steve, live
in Newton, where they own and operate Bread &
Chocolate Bakery Cafes in Newtonville and Newton
Highlands. (
more) - Peggy Hernandez

November 26, 2010
The Sweet Life
. . . One day after opening the Newton Highlands
branch of their bakery/café Bread and Chocolate,
Eunice Feller and her husband had another dream
come true:  The son they had been awaiting for three
years was ready to be adopted from Korea.  But the
road to this doubly blessed place in Eunice's life was
not the one usually taken by chefs and bakery owners.
As a college/graduate student in Sculpture and
Painting in Southern ... (
more) - Wendy Schapiro

May 26, 2010
Obessesd with Kugelhopf
. . . We had a game-changing, life-altering, obsession-
making experience with some kugelhopf over the
weekend. It was at a fabulous bakery in Newton,
Massachusetts called Bread and Chocolate, and now
we might not be able to rest until we figure out a way to
recreate it at home. Have you ever had this confection?
Kugelhopf is a kind of cake that hails from the Alsace
region of France ... (
more) - Emma Christensen

March 2, 2010
Food Lover's Guide to Massachusetts
. . . Trained as an artist, then as a chef, Eunice Feller
has a knack for making pastries as beautiful as they
are tasty.  She also manages just the right balance
between fussy French pastry (little chocolate mousse)
and down-home American baked goodies. (like her
oaty peanut butter cookie laced with chocolate chips.)  
- Patricia Harris & David Lyon

November 4, 2009
Short Order - The Boston Globe
. . . Recently, an altogether different kind of corn muffin
made its debut. Golden yellow mixed with kernels of
corn and with a lightly crusted top, it features
something unique: sage. Honey adds balance to the
slight tang of the herb. The muffin is neither too sweet
nor over-aerated. Feller hit upon the mix when tasting
the batter with herbs, spices, and nuts. “I happened to
have sage. I loved the warmth it added to the bun,’’
she says. “When I tasted it, I said, eureka! This is it.’’
The sage corn muffin ($1.85) is available every day. “I
already know it has a following,’’ says Feller. “People
now come in looking for it.’’ - Peggy Hernandez  (

July 29, 2009
Best of Boston Bakery West - Boston Magazine
With the steady proliferation of Whole Foods,
Bruegger's, and Panera, there's no shortage of places
to stock up on baked goods out west.  Bread &
Chocolate, a three-year-old independent outfit in
Newtonville, rises above all that mass-produced stuff
on the strength of such house-made offerings as fluffy
Irish soda bread, pecan-studded sticky buns, glossy
fruit tarts, whoopie pies, and gigantic coconut
cupcakes filled with lemon curd.  The coffee shop
atmosphere here goes a long way, too - and the
ultracreamy cappuccinos help wash down every last
bit of those oh-so-crumbly raisin scones.

June 24, 2009
Readers #1 Choice Award & Regional Favorite
"Best Bakery" & "Best Coffee House" by the readers of
the Newton TAB and Metrowest Community
Newspapers. Thank you for voting!

March 16, 2009
Boston College - The Heights
2009 Top of the Heights Winner - Top 5 Boston Bakery

February 15, 2009
MSPCA Annual Flower & Gift Sale
I wanted to let you know great news ... the two day sale
we had netted $3,715!  This is completely due to your
hard work and generosity, and this amount of money
will go a very long way at the shelter. Many, many
thanks for all of your efforts and the beautiful things
you donated.  - Susan Harrison

February 11, 2009
Valentine's Day - The Boston Globe
... if you're smart you saved some room for some
desert. Head over to Bread and Chocolate in
Newtonville. I am telling you now, you will not find a
better bakery in Newton. For an old favorite, share the
Chocolate Orange Mousse, which perfectly combines
smooth chocolate with just a hint of fruit. You might
want, however, to try owner Eunice Feller's special
made-for-two Valentine's cupcake. - Ben Terris

January 11, 2009
Sweet Spots - The Boston Globe Magazine
An artist turned chef/owner of this cheerful and friendly
neighborhood cafe, Eunice Feller re-creates the not-
too-sweet but lushly rich hot chocolate she tasted
while honeymooning in Italy.  The result is fantastico.  
A small cupful, which is what you get, goes a long
way.  "We let the quality of the couverture chocolate do
all the work", says Feller, who adds Callebaut/Belgian
chocolate and a sprinkling of cinnamon to scalded
milk and simmers the aromatic concoction until it
becomes thick and frothy.  Bottom line - Warm up the
body and soul with this delizioso treat. - Carol Kort

October 21, 2008
Thank you so much for the wonderful cake and
desserts.  My goodness I LOVE your buttercream
frosting - it was amazing.   We were so happy with
everything. Much thanks! - Joanne Taite

October 25, 2007
Where are they now? - BostonNow
What advice would you give to students about their
education either after high school or mid-career? -
Education only works in conjunction with real life
experience. Get into a professional kitchen as soon as
possible and find out if the "lifestyle" of this industry
suits the life you want to lead. Then watch, listen and
ask lots of questions of your instructors, classmates
and chefs -- some of the best lessons happen by
osmosis. (

September 26, 2007
The Tastiest Pies - The Improper Bostonian
There's the kind of banana cream pie you get from the
Jell-O pudding box and the prefab Keebler Graham
Cracker Crust.  And then there's the real deal - you
know, the one fashioned from a coating of bittersweet
chocolate, banana slices nestled in gobs of fresh
pastry cream, mousseline peaks and a crowning
stratum of chocolate curls.  At least that's the standard
Eunice Feller sets at her charming Newtonville café,
which is gearing up for Thanksgiving.  "Most people
have a holiday routine," she acknowledges, "and it's
hard to break that and go to a new bakery." It won't be
once you sample sweets from this case - which may
show a few smudges here and there. "Kids come in
and point to what they want in the case," Eunice
explains, "so I judge a good day by how many
fingerprints are on the glass." - Elizabeth Bomze

June 27, 2007
Readers #1 Choice "Best Bakery" - Newton TAB
Voted Best Bakery & Regional Favorite in Newton and
Metrowest. Thank you for voting!

March 17, 2007
Girl's Guide to a City Life
I love chocolate, so it wasn't surprising that I would
love this place. What is surprising is that I've found
myself returning long after I'd written this review. This
place is now on my regular list, and Eunice and her
husband are embarrassingly aware of my chocolate
addiction.  Bread & Chocolate is the perfect little
neighborhood bakery. (

January 21, 2007
The Best of the New - The Boston Globe
Just off Walnut Street in Newtonville, BREAD &
CHOCOLATE's glass-enclosed case is brimming with
the kinds of treats you used to find only in Paris, like
triomphe or chocolate mousse torte. (

January 17, 2007
Bread & Chocolate - The Boston Globe
Eunice Feller knew she wanted to open her own
business. But when she first contemplated life after
working as a marketing executive for an art supply
company, a bakery didn't spring to mind.  "I wanted my
own thing," she says, gesturing around Bread &
Chocolate Bakery Cafe, its cases filled with cakes,
muffins, cookies, and cupcakes. She just didn't know
what. When her husband and partner, Steve Feller,
suggested going to an open house at Cambridge
School of Culinary Arts, she had to be persuaded.
Once there, the light went on: "I had never done baking
on a professional level," says Eunice. But with her art
background, she thought, "Visually, I could do that."  

December 12, 2006
Baked in Boston - edible Boston
Eunice Feller is one of the recent Cambridge Culinary
Arts graduates who have put their education straight to
work.  Eunice finished school in June 2006 and by
October she had already opened Bread & Chocolate
bakery cafe in Newtonville and gotten used to the
grueling hours of a bakery's life. (

June 2006
Sweet Spots - The Boston Globe Magazine
A brand new culinary school grad is fashioning her
own little bakery in Newtonville.  Eunice Feller is
opening BREAD & CHOCOLATE bakery cafe in a spot
that Basil Tree catering had been using to sell take
out.  Feller was doing double duty while finishing up at
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts as she worked to
get refrigeration, ventilation and fire suppression
installed in the space.  The 38-year old former
Californian hopes to bring her background in art,
marketing, and retail to bear in her baking career.  As
for the food, she plans "European-style pastries"
along with creative sandwiches and drinks.  Feller got
a surprise on graduation day - a Young Professional
Award, giving by the prestigious Academie Brillat-
Savarin - and she's already showing why.  She's hiring
two of her classmates to work in the shop, scheduled
to open next month.  "I told them it might be scarier
than going to work for an establishes company, but
that they would get to learn how to open their own
business." Professional, indeed.  - Joe Yonan
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