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This is not your typical chocolate-obsession website. While we run our cacao-farm, we are proud that we have found ways to make it more sustainable and would like to share with everyone how we have been doing it. Because if not, we are looking into the possibility of a chocolate extinction. That sounds scary, isn’t?` 

Bread N Chocolate tells you everything you need to know about chocolates. You will get to know how your favorite chocolate bars are made from the farm to your favorite pastries. Most importantly, we are here to make everyone aware that we need to keep cacao farming more sustainable. 

The chocolate industry is facing a lot of challenges that many people are not aware of. Cacao farms have been endangered for many years because of climate change, deforestation, wildfires, and experts also say that it may go extinct in 40 years. So, this website is not only for chocolate lovers but for those who run their chocolate factory, and we wish that they find inspiration from our efforts to make cacao farming more sustainable.