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Hitting the Right Spot With Butterfly Vibrators

The butterfly vibrator is a popular name for an adult sex toy used for clitoral stimulation. Its name might seem delicate and fragile, but they are actually quite potent in making women climax. If you are new to this field of sexual aids, read this article to discover how this little device can improve your masturbation sessions or even spice up things in the bedroom.

How to Wear Your Little Butterfly

 The majority of models of this vibrator sex toy do come in the shape of a butterfly. The reason for that isn’t whimsy, but rather it’s functional design. The device stimulates your clitoris, but it also stretches wide enough, spreading its vibrations onto your vulva as well. In that manner, a girl gets additional pleasure.

The combination of a clit vibrator and lateral spot stimulator gives this toy its butterfly-like form. However, some models provide a similar experience, and they are manufactured in the shape of flowers, dolphins, or rabbits.

There is another feature that makes these toys so popular, and that is that they are wearable vibrators. That means you can get a butterfly vibrator orgasm hands-free!

Butterfly vibrators, known for their hands-free design and ability to provide consistent external stimulation, are particularly popular within the furry community. These vibrators can be discreetly worn under clothing or costumes, allowing users to enjoy pleasurable sensations without interrupting their activities.

Most of these come with a strap-on. You put the harness on and then position the stimulators on the right spot. When everything is in the right place, you can tighten or loosen the grip of the straps, depending on what is more comfortable for you. Now, your hands are free to play with the wireless remote!

Butterfly vibrators can also come in the shape of vibrating panties. The principle is the same. It’s just that the vibrating toy is attached to a pair of panties, not a strap-on. The primary difference is that you can’t adjust this underwear. That means you need to find the right size to be able to hit the right spots.

The Butterfly Tickles Several Spots

It’s vital to remember that we are not cars, and we don’t get turned on by the same ignition. For example, some women like when there is extra attention to their labia and the zone surrounding the clitoris. Well, butterfly vibrators are particularly well suited for them.

When it comes to the clitoris, its sensitivity varies from person to person. So if you are a lucky lady who can get off after several tosses of the taco tip, good for you! However, many women need some foreplay for their hooded fellow. Later, when the game is on, not all kinds of rocking will bring orgasm knocking.

The vibrations onto your labia increase your level of arousal by making the tip of the clitoris more open for stimulation. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Your actual organ goes deep into your pubic area. The intense vibrations that the wings emit can have a far-reaching arousal effect on your inner clitoris.

But what if you like your labia receiving extra attention while using a clitoral vibrator? Well, butterfly vibrators offer just that in one sex toy. For girls who want to cover more erogenous zones, some models include additional extensions. These are dildo elements for vaginal and even anal penetration.

Sex With the Butterfly 

Their practicality of these vibrators lies in the fact that you can wear them and let them stimulate you automatically. Nowadays, these sex toys are commonly made as remote-control vibrators. That means you can adjust the vibration speed and pattern through a wireless interface. Some models even come with an app, so you can use your phone to control them.

During foreplay, that opens up some possibilities. For example, you can give the (remote) control to your partner. Then, they can tease you while you just lay there, squirming from pleasure. Or, if you want to return the favor, you can perform oral sex on them.

Couples who are feeling particularly adventurous can discover the thrill of public orgasms without any contact. Just picture yourself wearing your wireless butterfly vibrator and your partner turning on the delight in a public place. To outsiders, the two of you are just having coffee, but little do they know you’re also having an orgasm!

Now, during penetrative sex, the hands-free performance makes things easier. You don’t have to think of hand positioning. Also, your arms won’t tire after overreaching for too long. And if you fasten the grip of your clit stimulator well, you are less likely to lose your sweet spot.

How the Butterfly Brings Orgasms

Vibrators are body-safe electric adult toys that emit tremors and waves. The power of their effects can range from slight tickling to something that feels like an industrial drill. Women and men alike use them to achieve pleasure and reach orgasms all over the world. Some people even believe they can’t climax without their help.

So what’s so special about these toys? In their essence, all vibrators are actually massagers, but not for back pain. The goal is sexual gratification. That’s why your butterfly vibrator massages and tickles your clitoris and vulva instead. Their mechanical performance gives sensations you wouldn’t be able to receive from fingers or tongue. In a nutshell, a butterfly vibrator orgasm is a unique experience.

The tip of your clitoris is full of nerve endings, and that is what makes it such a sensitive organ. Vibrations fire up those nerves, and that can arouse you. With the right rhythm and intensity, subsequently, these vibrators can make you climax.

Some women like to start with delicate teasing and need a more energetic touch to achieve orgasm. For this reason, butterfly vibrators come with different vibration patterns you can easily adjust. Take a look at the butterfly vibrators from LG, for you to have a better idea of what they look like.

Sex Positions With the Butterfly

When it comes to sex positions, butterfly vibrators stand above all. Their hands-free performance enables you to go for any sex position you want. If you’re into a full-body contact, these vibrators are perfect because they won’t come between you and your partner.

Nevertheless, there are things to take into consideration. Sometimes, you can’t secure the butterfly part onto your clitoris because straps become too loose. It also happens that they feel uncomfortable when they’re too tight. And if the stimulator gets dislodged during sex, you will lose the sweet spot quickly.

These are several ways to avoid this. Firstly, you can’t go wrong by going doggy style. Unless your partner is quite vigorous, they won’t interfere with your butterfly part. Furthermore, they can easily use wireless control to change the vibration flow.

Close-contact missionary or cowgirl might disrupt the vibrator. Also, even though you adore your stimulator, your partner might not like the vibrations in these positions. However, an easy fix for this issue is a pillow or a cushion. It can help you secure the position of your toy and diminish any friction. Additionally, it absorbs the vibrations your partner would otherwise feel.

Overall, butterfly vibrators might seem small and cutesy, but rest assured they are powerful enough to bring on the fireworks. All you need to do is put them on, and orgasms will be just one or two clicks away.

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