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Are you on the hunt for the perfect tail butt plug to add some fun to your bedroom antics? With so many options available, choosing can be overwhelming. Do you want a beginner-friendly plug or something with multiple vibration settings? Are you looking for a magical unicorn tail or a devilish appendage to spice up your cosplay? Tail butt plugs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each offering unique sensations and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just curious, finding the right product can transform your intimate moments. Let’s explore the 50 most gorgeous and irresistible tail butt plugs for 2024, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your desires.

Vibrating Penis Ring Taint Stimulator with Mini Bullet, Remote Control Wearable Vibrator Anal Plugs Couples Sex Toys, Small Anal Trainer Silicone Butt Plug with Cock Rings, Anal Beads Sex Toy Play

Nine Different Vibration Patters and Beginner Friendly

This $25.99 toy from MXUXEN is a must-have for intense stimulation. Designed to hit multiple erogenous zones, this vibrant green silicone toy boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating from 972 users. One user raved, “The dual motors offer nine different vibration patterns, ensuring a thrilling experience whether used solo or with a partner.” Perfect for beginners, the small anal plug has a tapered tip for smooth insertion. One reviewer mentioned, “The plug is just like a finger and brings filling sensations for freshmen.” The dual silicone penis ring supports fuller, firmer, and longer-lasting erections, and the remote control allows for hands-free convenience.

Quiet and Discreet

According to a review, “The toy is really quiet, comfortable, and it also comes with a remote for easier use!” Despite its powerful vibrations, the toy is designed to be quiet, ensuring discretion and complete focus on pleasure.

Tailz Rainbow Unicorn Tail Anal Plug


Priced at $22.82, this vibrant and colorful unicorn tail plug from Tailz has a 4.7 out of 5 rating from 31 users. It’s designed for unicorn enthusiasts who want to add a magical touch to their playtime. This toy is ideal for role-playing. Pair it with your favorite set of leathers or a mask for a magical night. A reviewer mentioned, “Great idea and well put together. Synthetic ‘hair’ tail.” While the tail is shorter than stated, it still adds a fun element to your play.

Perfect for Role Play

This toy is ideal for role-playing. Pair it with your favorite set of leathers or a mask for a magical night. A reviewer mentioned, “Great idea and well put together. Synthetic ‘hair’ tail.” While the tail is shorter than stated, it still adds a fun element to your play.

YiFeng Butt Plug Silicone Anal Plug with Dog Puppy Tails

Flexible and Fun Puppy Tail Plug for Play

At $9.99, this black silicone puppy tail plug from YiFeng is a great addition to any puppy play scenario. With a 3.9 out of 5 rating from 187 users, it’s clear that this toy is loved by many. One user said, “I saw it and was immediately like… ‘Need that.’ It was the perfect addition to a photoshoot/video shoot I was doing.”

Comfortable and Easy to Clean

Made of high-quality, body-safe silicone, this toy is easy to clean with warm water and soap. It’s perfect for beginners due to its smooth, soft silicone. A reviewer noted, “The plug portion of this is perfect in my opinion. I was looking for a smaller size on that easy to put in and wear.”

Metal Butt Plug with Devil Tail Cosplay Anal Tail Sex Toys SM Masturbation Anal Plug for Women Men Couples Lover Sex Love Games Anal Stimulator Personal Massager Anal Sex Trainer Black

Devil Tail Butt Plug for Kinky Cosplay

For $18.99, this black metal butt plug with a devil tail from SXOVO is perfect for those looking to add a bit of kink to their play. With a 3.2 out of 5 rating from 10 users, it’s a unique addition to any toy collection. One user mentioned, “I absolutely love the tail itself and the plug is nice.” While the toy is great for cosplay, it’s not practical for long-term wear due to the rigid tail. One user said, “It’s pretty much only good if you don’t want to sit!”

High-Quality Materials

This toy is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and PU leather, this toy is smooth and easy to insert. It’s designed to fit perfectly to the inner wall of the anus. A reviewer noted, “The material of the butt plug is very smooth, easy to insert into the male/female anus.”

Tailz Devil Butt Plug Tail and Horns Set, Silicone Plug Tail and Devil Horns Set for Men, Women, Adult Couples, Tapered Anal Plug and Horn Headband, One Size, Red, and Black, 1 Devil Set

Perfect Devil Horn and Tail Set for Sexy Cosplay

At $35.94, this devil horn and tail set from Tailz is perfect for sexy cosplay and roleplaying. With a 4.5 out of 5 rating from 27 users, it’s a hit among those looking to spice things up. One user said, “It’s pretty nice quality, it was perfect for my spicy photoshoot.” The mesh devil horns are lightweight and fit most head shapes, making it easy to complete your demonic look. Another user mentioned, “My wife loves it, and it fits perfect.”

Comfortable for Extended Wear

The silicone butt plug tail fits with ease and is comfortable for extended wear. A reviewer noted, “The silky silicone butt plug tail fits with ease – tapered with a narrow neck for comfort during extended wear.” However, some users feel the plug is a bit large for beginners.

Anal Cat Tail Set, All DAYYS Stainless Steel But Plug Sexy Adult Toys for Ease of Anal Play – Anel Dildo Cosplay Furry Ears and Nipple Clamps Anal Butt Plugs for Men Women and Couples Sex Toys (Pink)

Great for Furry Roleplay

The Anal Cat Tail Set is perfect for anyone looking to add some spice to their bedroom antics. This set, priced at $16.99, includes a faux fur fox tail metal plug, cute pink cat ears, a plush headband, and nipple clamps. One of the reviewers, Gerard, mentioned that the set is “cute and fluffy, with everything you need.” The tail is lightweight, ensuring it won’t be a burden during your passionate encounters.

Soft, Small, and Portable

For couples eager to explore new dimensions of pleasure, this set is a must-have. Reviewer S. Lennon can’t wait to show it to her partner, exclaiming, “The pink…adorable! The fluff is so soft!” The items are small and portable, making them easy to store and perfect for various occasions, from carnival to Valentine’s Day.

FST Vibrating Anal Foxtail Plug Remote Control Vibrator Butt Plug G-spot Stimulator Anal Sex Toy for Cosplay SM Games

Brand New and Safe Material

The FST Vibrating Anal Foxtail Plug is crafted from skin-friendly silicone, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience. Priced at $28.29, this toy offers three different vibration modes controlled by a wireless remote. A reviewer named Cory Ray-Hurst noted, “The tail got soiled during fun time and was hand washed, hence why it’s a bit scraggly right now.”

Exciting Remote Control and USB Rechargeable Plug

The remote control feature allows your partner to take charge, adding an extra layer of excitement. Cory mentioned, “The remote has pretty damn good range, and it still works across the house.” The plug is detachable, meaning you can enjoy it solo as well. However, Honey points out a minor downside: “The tail does not come off.” This plug is USB rechargeable, ensuring long-lasting fun. According to Cory, “One full charge has allowed at least 5 hours of play.” Steve found it functional but wished “the tail didn’t move all the time.”

Master Series Woof XL Silicone Puppy Tail Butt Plug, Black (AE998)

A Dream Pet Transformation

Transform into your lover’s dream pet with the Master Series Woof XL Silicone Puppy Tail Butt Plug. This $32.31 toy is extra thick, offering a good stretch with its tapered tip for easy entry. According to Kal, “I like the weight of it and its size is so enticing.” The narrow base flares to fit comfortably between your butt cheeks, stimulating the perineum during play. John appreciates the “nice weight” and how “it feels nice and full.” However, he wishes the tail were a bit longer for more wagging action.

Premium Build

Made from high-grade silicone, this butt plug is phthalate-free and non-porous, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. While not for beginners, the toy is highly praised by experienced users. CCKid found it “top quality construction, very firm, and plenty of tail wiggle when swished about.”

Fox Anal Plug Set Faux Fur Cat Wolf Tail Anal Plug Tail Choker Nipple Clamps Anal Butt Plug Set Adults Plush Tail Cosplay Costume for Women Sex Pleasure Black Pink Butt Plug Tail

Soft with Smooth Tapered Tips

Priced at $14.99, the Fox Anal Plug Set offers a soft, flexible, and smooth texture. Yasiel Velis reviewed it as “Product in good conditions.” This set includes four different sizes for varied pleasure, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced users. The smooth tapered tips ensure easy insertion, and the different sizes allow users to gradually increase their comfort and pleasure levels. The discreet packaging ensures your privacy, making it a great addition to your collection.

Cat Tail Butt Plug Set, Anal Plug Cosplay Furry Sex Toy (Black Cat Tail) 002 0

Affordable Cat Tail Butt Plug Set for Fun Cosplay and Role-Playing

Priced at $16.99, the Cat Tail Butt Plug Set is a delightful addition to any bedroom. Victoria shared her excitement, saying, “I felt like the cutest sexiest little sex kitten.” The plug is not too big, making it ideal for those new to this kind of play. The collar included in the set has buttons on both sides, which some users found inconvenient. Despite these minor issues, the set is still a fun and affordable option for cosplay and role-playing.

Hairs Falling Out

While the set offers a fun and sexy experience, some users have noted issues with the quality. MattyFresh mentioned, “Hair started falling out of the ears as soon as I pulled it out of the bag.” Despite this, the tail and ears remain popular for their visual appeal.

Abaodam Fox Animal Costume Set Furry Ears Headband Tail Plug and Neck Choker for Women Valentines Day Cosplay Game Fancy Dress

Silky Soft Ears and Tail

This costume set is all about comfort and appearance. Customers rave about how soft the ears and tail are, with one user noting, “The ears & tail are silky smooth & the collar was a nice touch.” The set includes a faux leather choker that adds a bit of edge to the overall look.

Small Choker Sizes

A common feedback is the choker’s size. While it’s generally comfortable, some users find it a bit tight. One customer suggested, “Get a necklace extender because the choker is small.” Overall, this set is a hit for those looking to add some sexy cosplay into their bedroom activities.

Anal Cat Tail Set Stainless Steel But Plug for Ease of Anal Play Anal Butt Plugs for Men Women and Couples Cosplay Furry Ears and Nipple Clamps(Black)

Great for Beginners

This set is a great starting point for those new to anal play. Grace Moore, a user, stated, “I think the biggest draw for this set is its approachability.” The tail is small and easy to use, making it perfect for first-timers. The combination of the fox tail and the metal plug promises a blend of sophistication and allure. Whether you’re using the black or pink version, it adds a pop of color and a new layer to your sex life.

One-Time Costume Play

While the ears and tail might feel cheap, they work well for occasional use. Arctic Revolution noted, “This isn’t going to be anything that you go-to for a premium long term kit,” but it’s fun for a one-time costume play. The stainless steel plug is durable and slides in smoothly with a bit of lubricant.

Rustless Metal Anal Butt Plugs Blue Jewelry Heart Shaped Anal Trainer Toys Unisex Valentine ‘s/Birthday Gift for Lover Romi (Small Plug)

Cute and Classy

This anal plug is not just functional but also a piece of art. Customers love its appearance, with one user saying, “It’s the prettiest shade of blue and is made out of what looks like great material.” The heart-shaped blue jewel at the end adds a touch of elegance.

Safety Concerns

While many users are happy with the product, safety concerns have been raised. One user cautions, “Ended up in the ER to retrieve it because base is not large enough.” It’s essential to choose the right size to avoid such issues.

Anal Plug Mixed-Color Fox Tail 15.74-Inch-Long Sexual Anus Tail Butt Plug Cosplay Game Sex Toy for Women Men

Cute and Beautiful

This plug features a mixed-color tail that looks adorable. The 15.74-inch length adds to its appeal, making it a favorite for cosplay games. One user highlighted, “The 15.74-inch mixed-color tail looks so cute and beautiful.”

Safe and Ergonomic Design

The plug is designed with safety in mind. The round base prevents it from sliding in, and the tapered tip allows for easy insertion. Users appreciate this design, noting how it enhances their sexual experiences.

Pure Love Fluffy Bunny Tail, Silicone Anal Butt Plug, Black Color, Adult Sex Toy, 45g

Soft, Fluffy, and Beginner Friendly

The fluffy faux fur tail is a hit among users. It’s soft to the touch and adds a playful element to the plug. One user shared, “The extra fluffy faux fur tail is soft to the touch and adds an adorable twist.” This silicone plug is ideal for those new to anal play. It’s comfortable and easy to insert, making it accessible for beginners. One user noted, “Perfectly shaped and sized for beginners.”

Quality Concerns

While many are satisfied, some users have raised concerns about the product’s durability. Patrick B. Harvey mentioned, “Tail started separating from the base while cleaning after first use.” It’s a reminder to handle the plug with care to ensure it lasts.

Silicone Anal Butt Plug Dog Tail Silicone Plugs Expander Vaginal Expander Plug Sex Toy for Women Sex Toy BDSM SM Sex Toy Anal Trainer for Adult Women Gay Lesbian Couples

Smooth and Comfortable Silicone

The Silicone Anal Butt Plug from KLORVEU offers a world of pleasure with its smooth, flexible silicone material. It is easy to clean and insert, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add toys to their sex life. As one user noted, “the material is good. No weird smell either,” highlighting its quality. This versatile toy is designed for both men and women. It stimulates the prostate in men and can be used for vaginal games in women.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

The ergonomic design of this plug ensures comfort, with a curved base that fits gently between your buttocks. The beaded shaft provides extra comfort during insertion. However, some users mentioned, “the tail is shorter than expected,” which might be a consideration depending on your preference.

Anal Plug Vibrator Double Sensation – 2Pcs Anal Vibrating Training Kit with Remote Control

Powerful Anal Stimulation with Convenient Remote Control

The Anal Plug Vibrator Double Sensation by oreyurt is a powerful tool for those seeking to explore anal stimulation. Made from silica gel, this set includes a remote control vibrating butt plug and a fluffy fox tail plug. Users have praised its performance, saying, “it’s strong for its size and works wonderfully.” The vibrating modes can be easily controlled by a remote, allowing you to adjust the intensity to your liking. One user mentioned, “the remote works great,” making it a convenient option for couples.

Smooth and Tapered Design

The anal toys in this set are designed for comfort with thick necks and smooth, tapered designs. They are suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Comparing this to the KLORVEU plug, the oreyurt set offers additional vibrating functions, making it a more versatile option for those looking to explore various levels of anal stimulation.

Anal Plug Fox Tail with Ear 15.74-Inch-Long Sexual Anus Tail Butt Plug Cosplay Game Purple & Black Sex Toy for Women Men

Cosplay Friendly and Comfortable

The MEBAULT Anal Plug Fox Tail with Ear is a delightful addition to any cosplay, role-playing and fantasy scenarios. This 15.74-inch tail is inspired by a fox tail, and it comes with matching ears to complete your look. One satisfied user said, “this is super cute and not uncomfortable at all,” emphasizing its comfort and aesthetic appeal.  The ergonomic design ensures that the plug stays in place, allowing you to focus on your play.

Body-Safe Material

Made from body-safe metal, this plug is non-porous and easy to clean. It’s a great option for those who are concerned about safety and hygiene. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this plug is designed to provide a pleasurable experience.

Sexy Butt Plug – Has a Plush Tail! Small Black

Easy Insertion and Removal

The Sexy Butt Plug by Dark Amour is a playful addition to any bedroom. With its frisky fox tail, this plug adds visual appeal and sensory stimulation. This plug has a tapered design for comfortable insertion and maximum pleasure. It also features a flared base for secure placement and easy removal.

Aluminum and Plush Material

The aluminum and plush material of this plug make it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. It’s designed to warm up the sphincter or provide multi-orifice stimulation. Whether you’re at a party or a private gathering, this plug promises a fun and exciting experience.

BDSM Whip Devil Tail with Anal Plug for Spanking | Adult Sex Game Demon Flogger for Anal Masturbation | Leather Whip Fetish Couples Sex Toys

Good for Roleplay

The plug is designed with a pointed tip for easy entry, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced players. The multifunctional hollow design allows for stimulation in multiple locations.

Temperature-Play Friendly

This toy offers a unique sensory experience with its metallic plug that combines coldness and warmth. Another user mentioned, “wow I never imagined how much I’d love cold play from a metal plug like this.”

Master Series Pig Tail Butt Plug, Pink

Playful Pig Tail Butt Plug for Fun and Humor

The Master Series Pig Tail Butt Plug in pink is made of TPE and a fun addition to any playful night. Priced at $22.44, this toy has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 159 users. One user shared, “Everyone at the party liked my costume,” highlighting the playful and humorous aspect of this product. Customers like the appearance and fun it brings. “All pigs need a piggy tail,” one user noted, adding that it’s a hilarious toy. The spiral design adds a unique touch, making it a standout in any collection. Just be cautious about where you store it to avoid any melting issues.


Users appreciate its fun design and quality, but one did mention it starts to melt when it touches another toy, saying it “will melt if it touches almost anything.” Despite this, many find it a great addition for photos and costumes.

Quality and Humor

Customers like the appearance and fun it brings. “All pigs need a piggy tail,” one user noted, adding that it’s a hilarious toy. The spiral design adds a unique touch, making it a standout in any collection. Just be cautious about where you store it to avoid any melting issues.

Rainbow Pony Tail Anal Plug

Colorful and Comfortable

The Rainbow Pony Tail Anal Plug, priced at $25.88, brings vibrant colors to your sex life. With a 4.4 out of 5 rating from 64 users, many love its appearance and comfort. One user shared, “Love the colors of the tail which are more varied than what is pictured.” This plug is made from silky smooth silicone, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

3Pcs Expanding Anal Butt Plug – Sex Factory Aluminum Alloy Butt Plug Artificial Rabbit’s Fur Tail Anal Sex Toys for Women Men Couple

Gradual Training with Durable Anal Butt Plug Set

The  soft and cute 3Pcs Expanding Anal Butt Plug set, priced at $6.48, offers a versatile experience with three different sizes. This allows users to start from beginner and gradually move to expert levels. The aluminum alloy material is non-toxic, smooth, and durable, adding to its appeal. The tail’s softness and comfort make it a great addition to any play session.

Temperature Play and Discreet Packaging

This plug can be heated or cooled for added stimulation, making it an exciting choice for those looking to experiment. The discreet packaging ensures privacy, with no obvious labels to give away the contents.

Bunny Tail Anal Plug Vibrator, Soft Silicone Butt Plug with Pink Faux Fur, Wireless Remote Control Design, Rabbit Tail Trainer for Adult Sex Toys for Role Play Cosplay Women, Men and Couples, Cute Sex

Quality and Comfort

Priced at $27.99, the Bunny Tail Anal Plug Vibrator offers a luxurious experience with its high-quality silicone and fluffy tail. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 from 2 users. One user described the experience as “extremely erotic when rolling,” highlighting its appeal.

Multiple Vibration Modes

This vibrator features 10 powerful vibration modes, allowing users to find the perfect setting for their pleasure. The wireless remote control adds convenience, making it suitable for role play and festive costumes like Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

Lynx Rainbow Tail


The Lynx Rainbow Tail, priced at $20.30, is a favorite for its bright and vibrant colors. With a 4.3 out of 5 rating from 90 users, many love its appearance and comfort. One user said, “The colors in the tail are so vibrant and fun,” making it a standout addition to any collection. This tail is perfect for pony play, with one user noting, “I love this tail. Bright colors and a decent size even for beginners.” The soft and silky flowing tail adds a touch of flair, making it a fun and enjoyable addition to any play session.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

Made from smooth silicone, this plug is phthalate-free and has a classic spade shape for easy insertion. One user shared, “The plug is very soft rubber and easy to use alone,” emphasizing its comfort and ease of use.

Anal Plug Rainbow Fox Tail 13.38-Inch-Long Sexual Anus Tail Butt Plug Cosplay Game Sex Toy for Women Men

Comfortable and Playful

This rainbow fox tail butt plug by MEBAULT is not just about vibrant colors; it promises a comfortable and playful experience. A user mentioned, “When I have a plug in, I kinda have to sit on one cheek or the other. Hubs loves to watch me switch back and forth from cheek to cheek trying to get comfy.” With its 13.38-inch-long tail, this plug is designed for both practicality and enjoyment, making it perfect for parties and playful encounters.

Fun Pet Play

Pet play themes are popular with this tail plug. “Pet play is exactly as it sounds. In this case, you would be the pet, possibly a cat.” Imagine becoming a cute, playful fox with the rainbow tail, enhancing the role-playing experience. This plug, with its ergonomic design and body-safe metal, makes it easy to slip into character and add a fun twist to your sex life.

Silicone Butt Plugs with Devil Tail Cosplay Anal Plug Anal Tail Sex Toys Smooth Long Anal Butt Plug Anal Trainer Toys Sexy Role Play Buttplug Anal Toys Anal Sex Trainer YLMXHFC

Cosplay Tail Plug for Confidence

YLMXHFC’s devil tail butt plug adds a devilish twist to your cosplay. One user, “lilythekittycat,” used her tail plug as part of a fox costume for a party, boosting her confidence and making her feel unique. The smooth, easy-to-insert red anal plug with a lightweight PU leather tail is perfect for Halloween or any playful event. Made of high-quality silicone, this 40.9-inch long tail plug enhances your physical and visual appeal.

Fox Tail Anal Plug Collar and Nipple Clamps Cat Ears Butt Plug Stainless Steel Anal Plug with Faux Fur Fox Tail for Women Costume Props (Blue)

Complete Cosplay Set for Fun and Intimacy

Brementrey’s complete cosplay set includes a plush headband, tail butt plug, neck collar, and nipple clamps, perfect for role-playing games and enhancing pleasure and intimacy. The hypoallergenic stainless steel plug with a faux fur tail ensures comfort and safety. “Justin” reviewed it as a “good product for the price,” while “wesley weaver” found it great for spicing up a night with your partner. The stylish fox ear headband and soft, bushy tail add cuteness and allure, making it an ideal gift for cosplay and sexy role play enthusiasts.

Sex Game Metal Butt Plug with Devil Tail, Couples Sex Anal Plug Toy Tail SM Masturbation Anus Plug for Women Men Couples Sex Game Cosplay Anal Vagina Stimulation Massage Sex Whip

Durable Devil Tail Plug for Thrilling SM Play

The devil tail butt plug by Laxxodoi is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and PU leather, this plug offers a smooth insertion and durable tail for an exciting experience. Users report that the sensation of wearing a butt plug is highly pleasurable.  The metal plug stimulates the anus while the devil tail whip adds a thrilling element to SM games, making it an excellent choice for couples looking to spice up their sex life.

Tailz Snap-On Vibrating Anal Plug with Remote Control & 3 Interchangeable Fox & Bunny Tails Thick Furry Faux Fur Animal Tail for Women & Men Adult Sex Toy Stimulator Premium Silicone Butt Plug Pink

Three Interchangeable Tails

The Tailz Snap-On Vibrating Anal Plug comes with three interchangeable tails: a white fox tail, a gray fox tail, and a pink bunny tail. The variety allows you to switch up your role play, from a snowy white fox to a playful pink bunny. However, reviewers like “J” and “LeAnne” found the snap-on feature problematic, with tails breaking easily. Despite the good vibrator functionality, the poor craftsmanship of the tails detracts from the overall experience.

Strong Vibrations

The remote-controlled vibrator offers three speeds and seven patterns, providing a strong backdoor thrill. “calum” reported, “this is false advertising at its finest. never been more disappointed in a purchase in my life,” highlighting issues with the vibration function. Nonetheless, the premium silicone plug ensures a comfortable fit, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Adult Sex Toy Anal Plug – Vibrating Butt Plug with Light up Tail Remote Control Vibrators with 10 Vibrating Modes, Anal Beads Prostate Massager, Anal Sex Toys Vibrator for Men Women, Couples

Vibrating Light-Up Butt Plug for Unique Sensations

This hypoallergenic silicone toy, with its iconic light-up tail, is a fun addition to your sex life. Its unique design combines a vibrating butt plug with a fiberoptic light show, making it a standout choice for those who want something different. The 10 vibrating modes can be easily cycled through with the remote control, offering a variety of sensations. One user remarked that the vibrations are strong and “sort of in the middle of buzzy and vibration based.” The rechargeable nature of the toy adds to its convenience, making it a must-have for travel.

Enjoyable Light-Up Toy with Flare Caution

Another user found the fiber optics to be “so fun and light up really well,” adding an element of joy to the experience. While it might be a bit of a laugh, the toy is fully functional and provides an enjoyable experience. However, be cautious about the flare, as one reviewer mentioned it “isn’t as wide as it should be to avoid slipping in.”

Remote Control Vibrating Pink Bunny Tail Anal Plug

Versatile Silicone Plug with Multiple Functions

This premium silicone plug is designed to give you both pleasure and fun. With seven functions and three speeds, it offers various experiences whether you are a beginner or more advanced user. One reviewer noted that it was “bigger than expected” but still manageable and enjoyable.

Minor Charging Issues

Despite some users reporting charging issues, like one who said, “charging port is hidden by tail and once connected failed to charge,” the toy is still a favorite for many. Another user praised its versatility, saying it’s wonderful to “just pass off the remote to a partner or use by yourself.” While the battery life could be longer, the overall enjoyment and fun make it an easy five stars for many users.

Butt Anal Plug with Imitation Dog Tail for Adult Play, GZYNTT Waterproof Silicone Buttplug 3cm with 22cm Puppy Tail, Sexy Tail Plug for Beginners Couples, SM Sex Toys Flirt for Women Men

Perfect for Cosplay: Secure and Fun Silicone Plug

This black silicone plug is designed for those who love cosplay and role-playing. With its easy-to-slide material, it offers lots of fun and is ideal for beginners. The plug’s curved base ensures it stays in place, providing comfort whether you’re at home or outside. Another reviewer noted that the T-base is great for keeping the plug secure, saying, “The T-base is great for keeping the plug in, between the cheeks, without slipping in too far for retrieval.”

Body-Safe Material

This plug is made from skin-friendly silicone safe and very smooth. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to add a bit of animal-themed fun to their bedroom activities.

Tailz Fluffy Bunny Tail Anal Plug | Weighted Metal Butt Plug with Fluffy Faux Fur, Pink | for Men, Women, Couples | Perfect for Roleplay, Anal Warmups, and Training | Compatible with All Lubricants

Cute and Practical Pink Bunny Tail Plug for Role-Playing

This pink, fluffy bunny tail plug is both adorable and functional. Made from zinc alloy and faux fur, it provides a satisfying fullness and a slight downward pull. One user said it “fits and slides in perfectly lubed up.” The faux fur tail adds a touch of cuteness, making it perfect for those who enjoy role-playing. Another reviewer mentioned that it fits well and is easy to wash, adding, “great for play.”

Small but Effective

While some found it to be on the smaller side, it still provides a delightful experience. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to warm up or add a bit of spice to their bedroom activities.

Luxury Anal Butt Plug Kit Fetish Anal Sex Trainer Stainless Steel Threads Anal Beads Plug Expanding Butt Toys Graduated Design with Pink Jewelry Base for Men Women Couples (Smooth-Black)

Elegant Stainless Steel Plug Kit with Tapered Design

This stainless steel plug kit offers a unique tapered design that makes it easy to use.  The jewel at the base adds a touch of elegance, making it a great gift for a loved one. Another reviewer appreciated its variety of sizes, noting that it’s “very pretty pink” and perfect for those looking to get more into anal play.

Discreet Packaging

The product comes in discreet packaging, ensuring your privacy. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, this kit offers a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug with 3 Interchangeable Fox & Bunny Tails

Versatile Snap-On Anal Plug with Three Detachable Tails

With the Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug, you get three different detachable tails: a snowy white fox tail for innocence, a rugged gray fox tail for a daring look, and a fluffy pink bunny tail for playful moments. The tapered tip makes insertion easy for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. One user found the stem too short and the base too wide, nearly losing the entire plug internally. Despite this, another reviewer praised it for providing “hours of fun.”

Compatible with SnapOn Tailz for Customizable Fun

The plug and tails are compatible with other SnapOn Tailz products, allowing you to mix and match. If you want to add vibration or change the tail’s style or color, this product has got you covered. Just remember to insert it carefully, as one user noted it didn’t stay in place due to the short stem.

Master Series Pedigree Puppy Play Tail Plug

Perfect for Puppy Play

The Master Series Pedigree Puppy Play Tail Plug is designed for those who love puppy play. The narrow, flexible plug is easy to insert and comfortable to wear, making it a great starter tail. One user shared, “Finally a tail that fits,” appreciating the medium size and soft rubber tail that wags happily.

Mixed Reviews on Tail’s Curl and Durability

While many users enjoyed the product, some had issues with the tail’s curl and its tendency to fall out. One user had to reshape the tail with warm water due to its tight curl. Another mentioned the tail melted at room temperature, causing them to order a new one. When comparing this with the Tailz Snap-On Anal Plug, the latter offers more versatility with its interchangeable tails and premium silicone material.

Partsam 8X Truck Trailer Molded 3 Prong Pigtail Harness Stop Turn Tail Brake Backup Light

Practical and Durable

The Partsam 8X Truck Trailer Molded 3 Prong Pigtail Harness is a practical choice for truck and trailer owners. Made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), this 3-prong harness is designed for 12V vehicles like pickup trucks, trailers, and RVs. Users appreciate its fit and value, with one stating, “Works fine, holding up on my commercial trailers.” Its universal fit for sealed round or oval lights and good quality make it reliable, but be prepared to switch the red and white wires if they don’t match your vehicle’s wiring diagram.

Addressing Wiring and Corrosion Issues

However, some users faced issues with the color code and wire order. One reviewer noted, “The wires are in the wrong order,” but found the plug itself to fit well. Another mentioned, “A bead of silicon fixes water leakage into the prongs,” addressing the common issue of corrosion.

4 Pcs Set Fun Cow Sheep Antelope Rabbit Sexy Maid Tie Ear Hairpin SM Metal Tail Anal Plug

4-Piece Set: Devil Tail Anal Plug for Evil Seduction

The 4 Pcs Set Fun Cow Sheep Antelope Rabbit Sexy Maid Tie Ear Hairpin SM Metal Tail Anal Plug features an innovative design with a small devil tail. The stainless steel anal plug is smooth and comfortable, easily penetrating both men and women’s anuses. This unique addition brings more playability, allowing you to seduce your lover with a touch of evil temptation. Turn into a little devil and let the fun begin.

Fox Anal Plug Tail Set Animal Costume Set Butt Plug Tail Anales Plug Toys Nipple Clips Cat Ears Necklace for Women Man Beginners Adult Couples Sex Pleasure Purple Butt Plug 4PCS

Realistic Fox Tail Appearance

The Fox Anal Plug Tail Set features a bushy and soft tail that helps set the mood for a kinky scene. Simply insert it to warm up your lover’s hole, and the fun begins. One user noted, “Feel cute af with them in,” highlighting the emotional satisfaction derived from using such products.

Complete Role Play Set with Plush Tail and Accessories

This set includes a plush anal plug tail, nipple clamps, fox ears, and a necklace, making it perfect for role play. Combine the fluffy tail with your favorite set of ears, leash, and collar to explore the world of animal play. The variety of materials and designs available enhance the overall experience, as one user mentioned, “Glass and steel stay lubed upon insertion longer than plastics and rubber.”

Anal Plug 3Pcs Anal Trainer Plum Blossom Shape Anal Toys Jeweled Metal Butt Plug Sex Toys for Men and Women (Green)

Comfortable Stainless Steel Plugs with Romantic Plum Diamond

When it comes to comfort and quality, this set stands out. Customers rave about the light weight and smooth insertion of these stainless steel anal plugs, with one user saying, “Feels so great to the point I can even sleep in them!” The plum diamond at the base adds a touch of romance and excitement, making these plugs a sexy addition to any intimate moment.

Jeweled Metal Butt Plug Set with Three Sizes

The set includes three sizes: small (1.06 x 3.38 inches), medium (1.26 x 4.01 inches), and large (1.41 x 4.41 inches), ensuring an ideal fit for both beginners and advanced users. These waterproof plugs are easy to clean and perfect for bathroom play. Each set comes with a discreet black velvet bag for easy storage and transportation. A reviewer noted, “The 3 sizes are perfect for each level of expertise,” emphasizing the set’s versatility.

Silicone Anal Butt Plug with Anus Rabbit’s Tail Cosplay Sexy Adult Toy Anal Plug Anal Stimulator Butt Plug Anal Tail Sex Toys for Women Fun Sex Games Role Play Anal Training Adult Sex Toys (S)

A new sexual experience

This silicone bunny tail anal plug offers a unique twist to your bedroom play. The fluffy, puffy tail adds a playful element, providing indirect stimulation of the G-spot for women and the prostate for men. One user described it as “A great way to spice up your lovemaking,” making it ideal for fetish activities and role play.

Smooth and Comfortable

The high-quality silicone makes this plug smooth and comfortable for beginners. The tapered tip ensures easy insertion and the soft, fluffy tail feels great on bare skin. “The tail is so soft, fluffy, and puffy,” a user noted, highlighting the comfort and ease of use. Despite its playful design, this plug is also easy to clean.

Sexual Toys Multifunctional 4 Piece Anal Plug Tail Fox Anal Plug Tail Set with 3 Interchangeable Heart Shaped Metal Anal Plug Tails, Adult Gay Couples Bondage Fetish Anal Sex Toys

Versatile Anal Plug Set for Playful and Kinky Fun

This set offers a tantalizing variety with its Fox Tail Anal Plug and three interchangeable heart-shaped metal anal plug tails, catering to both novice and experienced users. One reviewer noted the playful tail angle, while another highlighted the tickler sensation. Ideal for couples and BDSM enthusiasts, this set allows for endless combinations, enriching sex life with a touch of kink.

Temperature Friendly Metal Design

The metal anal plugs in this set are strong, durable, and temperature-responsive, providing hot and cold stimulation. “Glass and steel stay lubed upon insertion longer than plastics and rubber,” a user shared, highlighting the benefits of metal over other materials. These plugs are also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene.

Anal Plug Tiny Puppy Tail Butt Plug with T-Shaped Base for Long-Term Wear Silicone Dog Tail Cosplay Sex Toy for Women Men Black

Flexible Tail Anal Plug for Dog Role-Playing

Combining an anal plug with a long, flexible tail, this toy wiggles with your movements, adding a realistic and playful element. “I had one and it was so good,” a user shared, highlighting the enjoyable experience of having a partner pull it out. The tapered tip ensures smooth and easy insertion, making it a hit among users. Ideal for solo or couple’s play, this anal plug can enhance your role-playing fantasies. “Hubs loves to watch me switch back and forth from cheek to cheek trying to get comfy,” another user shared, adding a playful element to the experience.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

The T-shaped base is designed to fit comfortably between the butt cheeks and stimulate the perineum during play. “Crotchless knickers are slightly better, actually,” one user noted, emphasizing the comfort and security of the base. Made from soft, flexible TPE, this plug is both sturdy and satisfying.

Romi Anal Plug with Long Dog Tails Butt Plug with T-Shaped Base Prostate Massager Animal Dildo Flirting Cosplay Adult Sex Toys for Women Men TPE (XL)

Realistic Design

This anal plug features a long, flexible tail that moves with you, adding a vivid and playful touch to your sex life. “I once posed for a photoset wearing one,” a user shared, highlighting the aesthetic appeal of this toy. The tapered tip ensures smooth insertion, making it easy to use.

Comfortable for Long Term Wear

The T-shaped base fits comfortably between the butt cheeks, providing both security and stimulation. “When I have a plug in, I kinda have to sit on one cheek or the other,” a user noted, emphasizing the comfort and flexibility of this design. Made from soft TPE, this plug is both sturdy and satisfying.

Butt Plug Fox Tail Cosplay Anal Plug Anal Butt Plug Adult Sex Toys for Beginner Women Men Couple (Red Kit)

High Quality Material

This foxy tail plug from Ooiixx is a steal at $17.99. The metal anal plug is made from premium stainless steel, ideal for temperature play. It’s paired with superior faux fur, ensuring a soft and bushy feel that’s completely body-safe and skin-friendly. Users appreciate the smooth touch and easy insertion. Gregg619 says, “It’s fun when she wears this under her skirt with no panties on.” This tail plug is perfect for role-playing enthusiasts, suitable for both beginners and those more experienced.

Slips Out Easily

It’s important to note that while many find it fun and cute, some reviews, like Tricia’s, mention it may slip out easily. This makes it essential to consider personal fit and comfort when using this product. All parts can be easily cleaned by hand washing, ensuring hygiene is maintained.

Tailz Grey Wolf Tail Anal Plug and Ears Set, 1 Count

Perfect Fit

Priced at $34.18, this set from Master Series includes a thin, durable, and body-safe latex plug and ears. Brandoxic mentions, “A snug fit at first, but becomes very comfortable quickly.” The semi-realistic appearance adds to its appeal for those looking for a more authentic experience. This set is best suited for those comfortable with a larger size.

High Quality Fur

Jeffrey praises the quality of the fur, saying, “The fur is quality for the price.” However, it’s worth noting that some users, like Sara, found the tail and ears shed fur quite a bit. This set is a bit of a mixed bag, appreciated by some for its affordability but criticized by others for its shedding and size.

Ooiixx Sexy Fox Tail Cosplay Anal Plug Anal Butt Plug Adult Sex Toys for Women Men Couple Stainless Steel Anal Plug (18′ Brown-White)

Affordable Stainless Steel Plug with Superior Fur for Cosplay

For $7.99, this stainless steel plug from Ooiixx offers a high-quality experience. KinkyAdventure91 found it wonderful, saying, “I enjoyed using it immensely and it looks great.” The superior fur ensures it’s soft and bushy, ideal for cosplay and role-playing. Joshua mentions it’s “Perfect for beginners,” highlighting its user-friendly design. The easy-to-clean parts add to its convenience, making it a great addition to any sex life.

Durability Concerns Noted in Some Reviews

However, not all reviews are glowing. Jazmo reported, “While cleaning it after the 3rd use, the plug became unattached from the tail.” This indicates some variability in product durability, which is something to keep in mind when purchasing.

Hisionlee 3PCS Anal Plug Set Cleaning Toy of Anus Sex Heart Sexy Toys Anal Butt Plugs for Women and Men Couple (Rose)

Gradual Training with Three Sizes

Priced at $16.99, this metal plug set from Hisionlee offers three sizes, making it great for gradual training. This set is appreciated for its smooth insertion and step-up sizes. Dale found the glass figure “awesome”, noting how easy it is to clean. This set includes small, medium, and large plugs, allowing users to start small and gradually increase in size.

Comfortable All-Day Wear with Size Caution

Anita praised the comfort, saying, “I have on two occasions inserted the largest one in the morning, went to work, and came home early evening wearing it all day.” However, some users, like Blade1134, found the medium size could slip inside due to the small base, so caution is advised when choosing the size.


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